So Wednesday night I decided to order these V-picks out of the blue.

I browsed around for a while and decided on 3 models.

The Screamer

The Diamond

And the Colossal

Right when I ordered them I got a nice personal email from Mrs. V thanking me for my order.

So today they were already here. I opened up the package and took a close look at the picks. They were a little scary at first, they are not your normal picks for sure. Mrs. V advised me to try the screamer first and get used to the thicker picks, but of course I grabbed the colossal and fumbled around with it for a bit. After warming up I plugged in my electric and played a bit. What a huge f-ing difference! I read all sorts of things about how they change the sound and have great tone but I figured it was BS. I mainly ordered them for comfort. The tone was so full.

Next I grabbed the screamer. The corners give it so much bite. It felt so comfortable playing fast metal riffs and really sang for blues(the phat, biting, gritty kind). I really felt an instant difference in my playing.

Last up was the diamond. It felt like a happy medium between the others. They was my favorite out of the 3. It just slid over the strings like magic. It produced beautiful notes, was soooo comfortable in my hands, and I was able to play very fast with it.

These picks felt like night an day between regular picks. I love not having to re-adjust the pick over and over again. The material almost sticks to your fingers without feeling sticky.

I would not usually make a thread about picks, but the combination of a genius design, REAL results, and really friendly customer service I just had to tell people about them.

If you have the chance give them a try.
No, actually they sound their best at clean chording. Plus they have a style and thickness of pick for just about everyone
So is this a local thing or do they sell them internationally?
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I'm not sure on the screamer, maybe 2.5mm ish(Im terrible at estimating though.

The diamond is 4.50mm
The colossal is 8.85mm thick

They also have the insanity which is above 10mm

I'm pretty sure the ship internationally, there are 2 international dealers on their "dealer" page.

I just looked at the page and they look interesting, but they are way too expensive.
Bari Build

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I'm usually not into picks that thick, but you would be amazed at how these play.
Do they wear down?

I use nothing but Fender Heavys right now and after a night of playing the tips lose their shape.

Also, do you see yourself using these all the time now or do you feel a need to go back to what you had before?

The reason I ask this is because everytime I try a new pick, I think to myself "this is the perfect pick!" Then, after a few days I need my old Fenders back!
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Well they have 3 symetrical points and they are made out of plexi-glass. Vinne claims that these suckers last quite a long time. I just got them this afternoon so I don't know if they are going to be my full time picks but since I got them I haven't gone back to my ultex jazz IIIs. Plus I bought more specialty picks... They have regular style picks too. I really think the diamond is going to be my main pick.