Hey i just recently picked up a Zvex Fuzz Factory for an excellent price (thank you GC Discount) and I was wondering how i would put it in my signal path. More specifically, its placement in relation to my buffer. My signal chain looks like this right now

Guitar---Volume---Wah---Buffer---Fuzz Factory---Pro Co Rat---Carbon Copy---H20 Chorus/Echo---Amp

I've managed to get very different sounds with my Carbon Copy and my h20 so i'd like to keep them both in there. Now is my buffer in the right place for everything? I heard that because the FF has a different bypass from the rest of them (except for my wah, its also True Bypass). Should the buffer go someplace else to sound better? I cant test it right now because my no-name amp is at my bass players house right now.

Second question, could an OCD be used on a solid state's clean channel to get a good sound? I've heard it can be used that way also. Im looking to get the same or near the same crunchy sound ive heard on the ProGuitarShop demo of the OCD on youtube. I'm using a Les Paul.

Thanks a lot.
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I'm not really sure where the Buffer should go do bump for ya. Maybe you got your answer somewhere else.

Yes, I think the OCD would help an SS amp. Are you asking if it is worth it to buy? Don't know. Try it and return it or pass on it if you don't like it. Might sound a little clippy but I don't think it would hurt.
The OCD could be used - but it wont sound anything near the way it does on the demo if your using a solid state amp.

As far as im aware the fuzz factory has to go before everything, but just put it in loads of orders and choose the one you like
The FF and OCD are both true bypass. Put them where ever you want, no buffers in them.

Generally with a chain of TB effects you want one solid buffer at the beginning and the end.