This is a new song that I'm working on. It's still in the beginning phases of production, but I just wanted a few opinions on what it's like so far. Yes I know that the song make the whole drop off change much too soon, but I'm working on extending the middle and adding a good bunch more synth layers or something.

It's called "Dark Water" and it's in my profile.

Crit 4 Crit.
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Hey I like it. It feels really techno-ish to me, but thats fine I like that style too. The piano lines were my favorite part, they play a nice melody that really sets the song. The water sound effects were a nice touch, but maybe cut em off a little sooner, and add another toward the end, maybe just some dripping or something really subtle. The synth line was nice its got that tunnel feel going for it that works so well with this kinda music. I'd say the weakest part was definitely the drums, not the beats. The beats are good, but the drums could use higher quality samples. I'm sure you plan to take care of that though, so nice work. I enjoyed it and its certainly very listenable.
Hey, nice work, I really enjoy electronic music so this was an easy listen for me. Definitely has like a house/techno feel to it. I agree with the person who posted above me that the synth and piano sound good but the drums could use a little work. It feels like the song could be developed more, maybe some more synths and some heavily effected/sampled vocals would be cool. Overall good job! Thanks for the crit on my thread.