So I'm excited.. this will be my first concert evar! Sometime in October, don't remember date, in Albuquerque, NM. My parents are taking me though . has anyone here been to a concert with their parents before? does it feel awkward?
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Are your parents Metallica fans? It shouldn't be awkward regardless, but it helps.
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I've taken my dad to most of the concerts I've been to. We have similar taste in music. I couldn't care less what the other simps who go to whatever I'm seeing think.
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Just accidentally get carried away in the mosh pit and then go where you want without them.

EDIT: while everyone's talking about concerts they're excited for, I'm going to Shinedown on Monday. Unfortunately they're with Saving Abel and Buckcherry... I'm not a huge fan of those two, but I still enjoy their music I suppose. A7x was supposed to be there, and I was looking forward to them, but they dropped out. Assholes.
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Sweet, even if it is with your parents. I've never been to a concert with them.

I'll be going to see AC/DC in Toronto with my brother, sister and some of their friends. I can't wait!
I go to shows with my parents all the time.

They're into my kind of music though so if I can't find a ride to a show I'll ask them if they can take me.

and I saw Metallica at Bonnaroo (coll parents ftw ) and they were amazing. Got right up front for them too.
My dad took me to a Joe Satriani concert. Parents with good musical taste ftw
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yeah ive been to concerts with my parents. I dont find it awkward at all. ive been to deep purple, the allman brothers, a jim hendrix tribute show all with my parents. and ive been hearing rumors of a Wham! reunion and if that does happen me and my mother will be going
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this kid i no longer talk to brought his mom to the Bodom concert in Dallas this past tuesday. they don't even have the same musical taste. i thought it was sad. I give big ups to the people who have cool parents to bring to concerts.
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dude....im going to the one in columbus....and since i was the only one of my friends that was smart enough to buy their ticket early i am the only one with floor tickets....
Ive seen Ozzy and Rob Zombie with my dad, and it isnt awkward. It was cool for me because my dads first concert was Ozzy back in, like, the 70s or 80s or something. It was a bit sentimental in that respect.

You should be ok.

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im gonna see them in chicago in january

my dad is a huge metallica fan, so im really looking forward to going with him
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