Line 6 Monkey wants to update my drivers and other things but when I try to register the product it claims the serial number is invalid. IF anybody else got a UX1, isn't the serial number in the CD case thing? I put it in after the UX21 and in the midde of it but it doesn't work. Also when I open Gearbox, it says it's not connected, but the red light is on my ux1 even though I can't hear anything when I play.
If the serial wont register I suggest contacting Line6 though phone or email.
Or you can try searching the line6 board to see if your question has been answered before:


I had a UX1 at the beginning of the gear but never really got it working well enough to use it....vista problems....

Anyways I think there was a card that came with the paperwork that had registration info on it however I don't remember if you actually had to enter that to use the product with GearBox...

I do remember there being some paperwork about an AL update (supposedly for free) however it wasn't really free when I looked into it all...

This was all at the beginning of the year though so I don't really remember much of what came with the Toneport (in terms of paperwork) or what had to be entered to use the product.

BTW, a red light shows power on whereas a green light states its properly connected.
If you don't have the drivers (gearbox) installed properly and your stock sound card disabled, the toneports may not connect properly.