would any of you guys actually want to meet some of your friends on UG in real life? i think that would be cool.
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lolworthy- classicrockboy WIN of thread.
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What is this language?

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It's good for the economy.

How many of these friends want to meet in a dark alley, inside an old beat-up van?
Sure, it would be pretty cool to go out and take Cam Sambell, Kensai, and elz out fishing sometime.

not sure what they fish for in sweden though.
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you again

damn i could've done a much better response for ntchode 'Owner of UGs hugest penis'
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Nah. I might get AIDS.

Nah, you're good..we don't get laid too often.
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I have met a UG friend in real life and it was fabulous.
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i would just because the crazy shit we could do....

and we could have a fap together while cussing and telling people to rape other people
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Dude your leetness is maximum.
Seriously if you leave UG without becoming a mod, I will kill someone.
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This is turning into fap-to-amazingfretman's-love-a-thon
No. I added one of them on MSN, and just last night, he tried to tell me my home address. He was wrong of course, and claims it was an accident, but I'm not happy he attempted to find it.

So I'll be right, thanks.
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