Hey, so just wanted to advertise my band a bit, get some feedback, let me know what you think.


we need someone to do the website artwork, official site that is, not myspace. all we can offer you is credit for your work and 50Gil.

anyway lets us know what you think.
Not too bad actually.
I think you should learn a bit more theory though..
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haha actually my theory is tight, it's the other guitarist who doesn't really follow it. I wrote the first track and Infected with the black seed.

edit- btw thanks for the kind words.
thanks for the feedback, off out now i'll listen to you stuff later, cant see how to add you on myspace tho?
Fuck off Joe, I know theory... somewhat
I'm still learning, and your theory is as tight as a wizards' sleeve.

Liking the music metalismetal, killer stuff!