Hey guys. As the title says, I'm searching for some acoustic riffs that are more on the "melancholy side" as far as sound goes, and that aren't very chord heavy also. I enjoy simple things such as Metallica's "Fade To Black" intro riff, From First To Last's "Emily" riff, Evanescence's "October" etc. But really genre doesn't really matter as long as it's not finger picked(I do enough of that at school).
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Zebra-John Butler

Taylor-Jack johnson

The General-Dispatch

Do You Remember-Jack Johnson

Over The Hills and Far Away-Led Zeppelin

im on pandora , so i will find more :p
I appreaciate the songs but I'm looking for less upbeat riffs
This choice is passion, this path is tension.
oh snap

didnt read the original post

i think babe im gonna leave you is picked regularly

or hybrid picked
The intro to Tommy Emmanuel's "Those who wait" is amazing. He uses hybrid picking later in the song though.
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I like those ones. Keep em comin if ya can. Thanks again.
This choice is passion, this path is tension.