I recently upgraded my iTunes to version 8, which I'm not seeing any differences other then the Genius playlist thing, which I don't even use. Anyways, there's a feature on MSN that replaces your personal message with what you're listening to. It worked with the version of iTunes I had before I upgraded, but since I've upgraded, it's stopped working. A few of my friends are having this problem, too. Does anyone know a solution? I can't find one anywhere.
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Don't all media players do that? Winamp, WMP, and iTunes do that for me.

Everything works for me, except iTunes 8. It just stopped working after I upgraded. I can't figure it out.

And yes, I have the show what I'm listening to checked off. I'm not that stupid. In case anyone was gonna ask that...
Did you shut down your computer properly? Or any time recently? That effects it sometimes.
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Oldapps.com, you can get older versions of almost any freeware program.
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Where's the need to tell people what you're listening to?

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I've shut my down computer properly or whatnot. I upgraded at least a week ago, and I've turned it off numerous times since then.

And, I don't like my MSN name just showing up simply as "Kyle". I like something next to it, but I don't wanna be all lame and write something, cause there's nothing to write...

I'll check out oldapps.com.
Try restarting your computer. Could just be an error, I don't think there is an option in itunes to make the plugin work but in WMP when there is an error it turns off all plugins and you have to manually turn it back on. Restarting it might do the trick.

Nevermind didn't see above post... You could try re-installing it. Check the options too I'm not sure if the new one has an option to enable it actually.
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I'm uninstalling it and installing iTunes 7. I didn't use any of the new features anyways... so i guess I'll just downgrade it.

Thanks for all your help.
There's an option in your windows live messenger, and one in itunes, both have to be enabled, after install you'll probably have to re enable it.
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I had that loooooooong ago, and i don't even have itunes 8.
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I had that loooooooong ago, and i don't even have itunes 8.

You don't need iTunes 8. He's just saying as soon as he got iTunes 8 it stopped working...
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The will be heartache,
there will be rain,
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mine doesn't have that problem.
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