Currently, im running my Schecter Hellraiser with EMG'S into a randall RG75G2 Solid state, and by changing the settings i can get it sounding decent... (not as good as my passives)

So will the EMG'S through the metal muff to the clean channel on a Solid state still sound good? the sound of metal muff on youtube sounds fantastic, and many people on review sites say they run it through Solid states with EMG'S and it sounds fine... so... yeah...
why not try it out and see for yourself?

it would be hard for us to really tell
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I think so, I've used several, high output high gain etc pups through a metal muff into an rg100sc and I think it sounds awesome esp once you get the eq straigtened out.
My Setup:
Dean VMNT(Metallic Silver)
LTD DV8-R (Snow White)
Randall RG100sc
EHX Metal Muff
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