I bought a bass after being inspired by alot of people, and my favorite type has always been the T-Bird, im really thinking about getting an Epiphone Gothic Thunderbird, i've seen a lot of vids with it and it sounds great, everyone i talked to said its great also, my budget is about 300-400. if theirs any other suggestions let me know
there is a thread discussing t-birds that you should consult.
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T-birds fail, theres a 250 post thread dedicated to how badly they fail..... they fail so epically that despite it bein 4am, i will slap myself silly so that i can be fully awake to argue just how utterly the T-bird fails. its fail pie!

EDIT: btw, your GSR is better. goodnight
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Your GSR is better than the T-bird is. Between 300 and 400 (USD..?), I would look into a used Fender Precision or Fender Jazz.
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If you like your GSR, get another SR.

If you hate your GSR get a fender.

If you get a thunder bird, get off the forum.
Tormented RX summed it up alright.

though, if you like the active electronics in that bad boy, you can look for something with those, save up for an active bass, hmm?
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THere's a T bird thread--an ONLY T bird thread.

TS if you have further questions take it to the thread. And TagRingo is right, its a good read and will give you most of the cons and some pros of owning that bass.