Hi, second post since my first appearently vanished into the void. Gotta love these glitchy forums.

Anyway, I've been dickin around with the beta 57a for about a year. I by no means have an up-teir setup:

Jackson DKMG
Spider Valve 212
Fostex MR-8

I've noticed when people record their guitars they put the mic right up against the speaker. When I do that, highly distorted at about 8oclock, it sounds like garbage and my fostex's "peak" monitor goes off. I know Tube amps don't sound their best at low volumes so I'd like to know what volume you should record death/black metal at. Or if my problem is my mic or MTR, i'd like to hear from people who have used these items. I think i'll be getting a PreSonus Inspire 1394 once i get the cash. Maybe a sm57 would be better for now?

BTW i've been lurking a while and appreciate all the insight.
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