Hey all, so i've decided to save up a bit of money to record some stuff with my band.

Currently my only need is to record one track at a time (guitar, bass, vocals and drums) and use a sequencing program like audacity to put them together. However I want to use 4 mics to record my bandmate's drums. I've read through the FAQ thread and this forum and stuff and i've chosen a path to record with (sort of)

I won't have a huge budget (maybe like $300 tops?). We already have 2 mics, so i'm thinking of buying a 2in-2out audio interface...or even a 1in-1out interface (preferably USB or firewire as i'll probably be running this out of a laptop), then buying a 4 or 5 channel mixer for the drums. I'd mix the drums to the correct level on the mixer and then feed that mixer into the audio interface as one channel.

So i'm looking at spending $50-70 on a 4 or 5 channel mixer, about $150-200 for 2 new mics and up to $100 for the audio interface? (i have a pair of good quality headphones already)

Does this sound like the right way to go? I'm not looking for top quality, just want to get some stuff recorded that sounds better than my mp3 mic :P

I've been looking at mostly behringer stuff to buy. I know their guitar pedals and amps are pretty crappy but how about their audio interface and mixers? Would this package work for what i need (couldn't find anything in the gear reviews thread)?
It'll work but you gotta be more realistic that equipment doesnt come cheap and you'd be damn lucky to find it that cheap

as for drums yeah you can go that route, i think your doin the right thing cause some people actually record one piece of the set at a time which i think is ridiculous, yeah you wont get to tweak with with individual parts of your drums recording but its better than nothing
Well i was thinking about the emu-404 (i think it was called that) that was reviewed in the gear thread in this forum, that'd cost around $300-400 and it'd suit my needs (4 input, which means no need for an external mixer, higher quality than the other interfaces i've been looking at and many more features) in every way except one...it's a pci card...can't put that into a laptop

Those prices i got are from the local store here in sydney. The behringer kit is just $200 (headphones, microphone, 5 channel mixer, 2 in-2 out USB audio interface)...so i can add a mic to that and i'd be in under budged with an extra set of headphones. But all i need is the mixer and audio interface, which go for about $70 each over here. Problem is i can't find many reviews about these behringer products (reviews point to about 3.5/5 on average but there arent that many to pick from)

The shure PG-57 and PG-58 go for $100 and the "industry standard" SM57 goes for $199. Would i need a preamp for the mics or anything or can i just plug it straight into the audio interface or the mixer?
The five channel mixers usually count the line-in stereos as two...so in reality, you're just buying one microphone preamp. The best bet is to save a little more, and get two Presonus Inspire 1394s or Mackie Onyx Satellites. Daisy chain two of each, and connect the microphones to them to get 4 inputs, which are neatly separated. Later, after recording drums, your bandmate can take one home for recording his stuff. It's $340-400 for the interfaces (if buying new...eBay could bring good luck) and then you can spend a bit on microphones.
Still, without at least a good set of headphones (ideally monitors...even $99 a pair can do) you won't really know what it sounds like on other systems.
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