Does anybody know his song Mombasa? is it hard? starting to learn it now. Just want to know how many hours it should take. and what does plectrum mean?
A plectrum is a guitar pick, but TE often uses thumbpicks.

ALL of TE's songs are hard. IMHO no one can touch TE as far as technique, phrasing, and writing ability goes (of course thats subjective...)

If you can learn Mombasa, you are my hero.
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Plectrum, Plec, the plastic thing you use to strum strings with =p And i'd uh, say it is quite a hard song if you've not played like that before. so like, uh, 10 hours :S? but thats just to learn it? actually getting it sounding right, god knows.
Mombasa is decently hard. Have fun with the percussion stuff =P
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TE is weak sauce yo ^_^
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yah, i think mombasa is a hard song to learn. i've managed to learn a few of his songs, but not mombasa.......i think if you haven't tried playing any of his songs so far, it's going to be ****ing hard, unless you're just that sweet. he just makes his songs look easy when he plays it, so its deceiving.....

the first tommy song i learned was angelina, and at that time, i didn't consider myself a bad guitarist or anything, but it took me about a month (playing everyday) to get it really good, and i still can't play it quite as good as he does.

in any case, i have my doubts of a leisure guitarist learning mombassa (really well) within 10 hours