I don't know where my last post went but...

What are some good interfaces? I don't really want a professional one, but one that is at least decent and can record all the instruments (electric guitar, bass, piano, vocals, maybe even drums.)

i had some in mind like the

presonus inspire 1394 firewire
the line 6 toneport ux2
or the digidesign mbox2

im leaning towards the inspire and line 6 but i heard it only sounds okay, not great.

so does anyone know whats a really good interface thats cheap, because i really want to start recording.

thanks (=

oh and my band doesnt have a drummer yet, so how would we be able to add drum tracks to the song.
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depends how many tracks you need,
if you wanna mic up a drum kit you'll need 8 chanels like a Presonus Firepod, the Presonus Inspire will be grand otherwise.

for adding drums you could use MIDI and drum samples to build up beats inside the computer,
with a little practice you can make this sound really convincing. depends on your genre, if you are doing some kinda blues/rock thing that needs a lot of feeling in the drums its gonna be hard enough to replicate with MIDI, if its Technical Death Metal or something the machine-like precision and lack of emotion will fit in just fine
So what is your budget?
Also, what are you planning on recording both now and later?

If you need to record acoustic drums, get something with lots of inputs such as the PreSonus FP10

If you only plan to record a few instruments and use software or MIDI for drums you will be just fine with the PreSonus Inspire. Both are very nice for the price.

As for adding drums now, look into software such as EZDrummer, or if you are using sonar - Session Drummer.
my budget would be around 200 for the interface. and would one shure sm57 be enough for vocals, guitar, and bass? do you do it all at the same time or one instrument at a time.

and yes im "trying" to learn how to use midi for drums.
yea the 57 is a nice all around mic to have and can be used for many different sources. One 57 will work just fine.

If you have Windows XP I suggest the Mackie Onyx Satellite
If you are on vista the Inspire 1394 is a nice start.

Those are both Firewire interfaces though so if you are on a laptop with only USB ports something like the EMU 0404 would be nice. It's USB2.0