They were very different to alot of bands during the 80's and I was stoked when they were recognised in the Aussie Rock Hall of Fame a couple of years ago.

I loved Desperate and their early sound. Chrissy's roaring vocals and stage antics and Mark driving that great uniquely Divinyls sound with his guitar playing and arrangements.

Chrissy's book details the band's wild journey to the top and is a must for any fan of the Aussie rock music scene.

I saw Divinyls on tour late last year and whilst they have moved on from the drama, energy and antics of earlier times boy do they have some great songs and boy can she still belt out the songs.

Apparantly the band have been working on an album and played a few of the tracks live.

Don't Wanna Do This is a great little pop/rocker. Asphyxiated features Mark's distinct riffage and All Pretty Things turns back the clock to their earlier more rock orientated work.

Discuss favourite songs, memorable Divinyls concerts here.
Just listened to What A Life! the other day some great tunes from this album and what a sound, it's not cheesy 80's and it's not really the raw rocking power the band excels with but it has a great pumping and dynamic sound, unmistakably Divinyls.

Heart Telegraph, Guillotine Day, Pleasure and Pain, In My Life, Sleeping Beauty.
If you want to see a band play rock and roll like they mean it, check out Jailhouse Rock DVD which is Divinyls Live at Boggo Road Prison, Queensland 1993.

Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs and Rose Tattoo, I think were the other acts on the bill of what would have been one of the best rock shows since the Sunburys and Australian Made tours.

The most impressive aspect of the show for me was seeing guitarists Mark McEntee and Charlie Owen, who played in Beasts of Bourbon tear it up together!

I'm glad that the only DVD of Divinyls captures them in their element - live rock and roll!
Mark McEntee is just one of the most underappreciated guitarists ever.

In the studio, crafting the guitar parts for the songs, driving the musical side of the group, not to mention his writing contributions. Live he is incredible.

Divinyls we were told were working on an album in 2007. I guess things have been quiet with no announcements since.

4 killer songs were aired and exist, if anything else was recorded, who knows.

The band should have striked whilst the iron was hot after publicity of their tour of Australia and live TV appearances. Comeback album would have been a winner.

As great a band as they were, they still have the talent today, but not the drive it would seem. Maybe they are just too difficult to manage or co-ordinate and can't pull of what they promised their loyal fans.