today i play any songs...
in the morning i learned Shake Me - Cinderella
in the afternoon i played led zeppelin - heartbreaker and others...
and at night i played Jumping Jack Flash and others songs by rock n' roll, like any songs by ac/dc
and yoooou? =)
arrj =)~
umm started off with smells like teen spirit and rape me, then moved onto laid to rest and all that remains.
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i haven't played guitar in a couple days not because i haven't had the chance, i just haven't had the inspiration to. last time i played though i went through my acoustic setlist of
orestes - apc
so far away - staind
only god knows why - kid rock
sober - tool
H - tool
the noose - apc
the red - chevelle
comfortably numb - pink floyd
I actually plugged in and rocked out today. I usually just goof around on my guitar unplugged, but I played for a good 2 hours today. I played:
When I Come Around-Green Day
Basketcase-Green Day
Going To Pasalacqua-Green Day
2000 Light Years Away-Green Day
Christie Road-Green Day
Cowboys From Hell-Pantera
Sad But True-Metallica
Jump In The Fire-Metallica
Room For One More-Anthrax
I Am The Law-Anthrax
Among The Living-Anthrax
Mayonaise-Smashing Pumpkins
Crestfallen-Smashing Pumpkins
Hummer-Smashing Pumpkins
Plume-Smashing Pumpkins
Down Here With The Rest Of Us-Social Distortion

It was a pretty good workout.
Played Bleak, Funeral Portrait, Leper Affinity, and White Cluster all - Opeth on guitar,

and played Fire - Hendrix, I Want To Hold Your Hand - Beatles, and Fortunate Son on bass at a parade today.
parkway drive -carrion (morning)
i killed the prom queen -sleepless nights and city lights (lunchtime)
caliban - i will never let you down (after noon)
[A Portrait For The Deceased]

I swear they just went into the special ed. class and got one of them to slam their foreheads on the keyboard.
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i love to play Hendrix too
today, saturday,i played any songs by sleaze rock, like hardcore superstar, vains of jenna, backyard babies(swedish bands) e bastardz (from brazil, very cool)
arrj =)~
i`ve changed my strings finally after 3 months! to elixir ones
hmm played these:
megadeth- devil`s island
megadeth- bad omen
kansas- dust in the wind
megadeth is cool, man
i love it

at my blog you can see what i love o/
c-ya on comments hahaha
arrj =)~
I decided to start to learn Technical Difficulties. I'm gonna be woodshedding my alternate picking like crazy soon.
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Ive been thrashing to Slipknot's new album All Hope is Gone, (sic) album by the way, and shredding that major scale up and down
i played today the police , every breath you take and message in the bottle.
After that I played some ac/dc and metallica : P just learned how to play day that never comes intro
I was playing the solos to the following songs:

Domination - Pantera.
Walk - Pantera.
Always with me, Always with you - Joe Satriani.
Entrance of the Conflagration - Trivium.
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Always with me, Always with you - Joe Satriani. ?
great man i played tihs song today too
but now i want to play aerosmith haha
arrj =)~