So, I've had this Western Digital "My Book" 500GB external hard drive thingy for a while... and its been working fine. However, earlier today my computer was freezing up when i was playing a game, and it wouldn't respond, so i shut my comp down manually (hold the power button for 10 secs shit...etc. etc.) and when i booted back up, my hard drive won't appear under the 'My Computer' menu. Anby computer geniouses in the Pit that could help me with this one?
Fail. Never do that. (shut it down manually).
You probably corrupted the connection.
Just incase, run your new connection wizard.
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Listen to the hard drive, see if it makes any noises.
Try it in a different computer.
You may have screwed something up shutting down manually like purple said.
OMFG, DUNNO WHAT HAPPENED....but it's fixed. It kinda just showed up after like 20 minutes.... hella randomly. Well, thanks for the help anyway Pit.
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