So yesterday I stopped by guitar center to try out the JS1000 (I plan to get one) and the JSX combo was there, so I thought I'd give it a spin. I also got to try the Satchurator (awesome pedal, it's like Satch-in-a-box, in a nutshell) anyway...

I never play too loud because I don't want to bleed/spill into other people trying stuff out, because I wouldn't want someone to do that to me.

So this older dude (I'm 16 btw,) he's like 25+ sits on the opposite side of the guitar rack. He has his amp super loud and starts out playing smells like teen spirit... Followed by metallica's one, and smoke on the water. He's also playing out of tempo. It got a bit annoying, so I put my amp up a little bit so I can hear myself. My dad is telling me "blast it" which is stupid so I didn't, lol.

Anyway, I'm just playing parts of Satriani songs, testing out the channels, pedal effects, coil tap etc. I'm not here to boast =p but I was playing midnight, day at the beach, tears in the rain on the clean. Then Satch boogie's tap solo on the satchurator, some of SWTA (haven't gotten all of it yet), a little bit of eruption (I know every guitar center noob tries to play it but my dad wanted me to) so this guy comes around and starts watching me using the whammy bar to get motorcycle affects, and doing the "satch squeals". so he walks off and starts playing music even louder. So my dad's like "turn your damn amp up, you have that asshole over there blasting his amp and he sucks."

My brother was on the other side and he said that he saw the guy stand up, put the guitar down and walk out the the store sad looking down.

xD iono, weird.
Ok, and?
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I feel bad for the guy

He played Smoke on the Water.

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i feel bad for him too....
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The satchurator was amazing, once you hit the more switch you get feedback, so much. It's awesome. It isn't too hard to control either.

Anyway, the dude was playing schecters I think, lol. He was on the line 6 area too.
you're hardcore i love you, ur my hero
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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This is why i shop online mostly unless i'm testing out a guitar. Look I can shredzorz! Oh man...