im just wondering if a boss ds-1 would be a good enough distortion pedal for me i play mostly nirvana, ac/dc, weezer things liek that also what all do i need to run this pedal without using a ton of batterys thanks
yeah ds1's are good for that style, get a 9v adapter
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The DS-1 will provide enough distortion for that type of stuff, but low price distortion pedals like that sound terrible, imo.
It's ok. Also, you need to unplug the cables when not being used since it's got a buffered bypass. It increases battery life substantially. Mine last months, and I'm using Carbon Zinc. If you can live with a shorter battery life, the Carbon Zinc batteries sound way better.
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DO NOT buy a digitech grunge pedal
youll save lives

- 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. For the price, I'd much rather have a Digitech Grunge than a DS-1. I know Kurt used a DS-1, but that doesn't make them a good pedal and he got more of his tone out of the Small Clone anyway.

Digitech Grunge>Boss DS-1.

But for TS: If you can afford it, get a Big Muff.
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The DS-1 runs around 80 bucks and for the price is a pretty good distortion pedal. I used one for a long time to cover songs by Zeppelin, AC/DC, Rancid, that sort of thing. Try it out at the store, and if it's not good enough, check out the Boss Metal Distortion pedal. My buddy always used one and it offers a little more range than the DS-1.
boss DS-1 = $39 right now.
A lot of boss dealers have demo boards up you can try with every boss pedal they offer bolted to it. You should try them out.
Also, look at the metal zone and mega distortion (both can clean up to ds-1 levels, both cost a lot more, but their tone shoots off in opposite directions: one screams, one is beefy)