i need some easy songs to sing and lay i've been playing for several years now and can play most stuff thats tossed at me but as soon as i try to sing i just get F-ed in the A and cant do both at same time so some pointers on how to sing and play or some ez songs to sing and play would be much appreciated.
About a girl by Nirvana

simple melody, easy chord changes, simple solo, don't have to think to much about what you're playing while singing.
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Bad Moon Rising, Behind Blue Eyes if you do just chords, and Sunshine of your love
through the monsoon. Yes i know it cheesy and "gay" but it easy as hell and girls love it
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Waste - Phish
Salt of the Earth - The Rolling Stones
anything by Bob Dylan, Jimmy Buffet, Neil Young or CSN.

just try to make a rythym with the chords and follow with your voice.
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Tears in Heaven and Folsom Prison Blues were my firsts...
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i had the same problem about 2 weeks ago... so simple! just find bands that have a guitar/lead vocalist such as fall out boy or the foo fighters. usually the singer plays the rythm guitar ofcourse. I can now sing and play at the same time. Try The pretender, a little less sixteen candles a little more, and say it ain't so by weezer. simple power chords and chord changes and after a while it just happens while you sing. don't try doing some kind of shredding screamin solo and singing at the same time, because it won't workout unless you're hendrix ofcourse
I'd Love To Change the World by Ten Years After is super easy (to me at least) cos there's just basically strumming, then singing, then strumming then singing, then a little awesome riff to play. However, that would defeat the entire purpose of learning to play simultaneously.

Showdown - Electric Light Orchestra
Just Like Heaven - The Cure
Bloody Sunday - U2
Tomorrow - Europe
Through Her Eyes - Dream Theater

Those are some of the songs I started off with when trying to sing and play at the same time. But if you're having such a hard time, just start with the mediocre bands that play their mediocre music, such as the mentioned above, Fall Out Boy, Greenday, Avril Lavigne and whatnot. They're easy -- just like you'd like it to be.
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