(I forgot that you're not supposed to bump stuff...yeah, I'm retarded like that. But this is for Laces Out Danny, who wanted to crit on this)

Just finished up with this one a while ago. It's not super structured or anything...mostly just a collection of thoughts all based on the play "Agnes of God" by John Pielmeier. I'm not gonna waste time describing the play, so if the lyrics interest you enough, go look it up. :P

Oh, and the title is totally not set in stone....I honestly just picked it randomly. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them as well.
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Little girl, little girl
Who’s breathing down your neck this time?
Has mama come home again
To knock your nightmare down?

She sits placidly, concentrating
Trying not to look down the rabbit holes
Embedded in palm flesh
Oozing ink to write her diaries with
Her stomach’s shredded , aching
Where did all this water come from?
She’s drowning; she’s drowning

No one’s answering, responding
To her cries; she retches and tries to
Vomit away the fire in her lungs
She isn’t hungry, her frail stomach’s
Carrying something far more grave
She tries to crawl back to the womb
Hoping it will follow example

Help me, please God, help me
I don’t want this
I never asked for this

Suffer the little children
For such is the kingdom of heaven
Suffering is beautiful
I want to be beautiful