so i was staying at my friends house for a few days and he has like 4 indoor cats that pretty much pee on everything and i noticed while i was there i was sneezing a lot and my nose was stuffed up and my eyes got really itchy. i was thinking mabye im allergic to cats? it doesnt make sense though because i have an indoor/outdoor cat and i dont think ive been reacting to mine.
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Maybe there is something else at your friend's house that you are allergic to.
Or maybe it's just the amount of cat-exposure.
Possibly a cat allergy. Although it could just as easily be asbestos.

Go see a doctor.
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Sounds like a cat allergy. In addition to being allergic to cats, I'm allergic to kitty litter, so there's a chance it could be this, too. Go to an allergist and get tested.
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