I'm new to the world of tube amps. I'm thinking of buying a Marshall JCM2000 DSL 401- thats the little 40W combo. I tried it in the store and I liked it. But I though it could have been a little better. It's overdrive was a little too crunchy for me and could have been a bit warmer, creamier and more bluesy. I want to know, could this be fixed by getting rid of the crappy stock tubes and putting in better ones? And if so what tubes should I get to this effect?

Thanks in advance.
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I think it has EL34s in it and if so KT77s might give you what your looking for. That's really the only thing that can take away that crunch.
^the DSL uses EL84 unfortunately, or that might work well. Even though I question their reliability lately, I really like the JJ for EL84 tubes. Speaker upgrade is a good idea too, that can affect the tone quite a bit, more than tubes usually unless they are shot.
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