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I have a few questions to ask about soloing. Please excuse my ignorance but i just need to clarify a few things!

Solos are based on scales. As far as I'm aware, the key of the song depicts the scale you should use. So, there are numerous types of scales...

Major Pentatonic
Minor Pentatonic
Modes - Ionian, Dorian, etc..

I am currently studying for Grade 5 Rock School which teaches the five positions of a minor pentatonic scale. What exactly is the point of learning the five positions of for example a minor pentatonic scale? How can this be applied to a song?

Also, what is the exact advantage of learning the different modes?

If for example i was improvising for a song such as Sweet Home Alabama which is in D major, i should theoretically just jam the major or major pentatonic scale right? Can i apply any of the modes or any of the 5 different positions of the major pentatonic scale?

Sorry about the questions but I'm really trying to get my head around when i should apply all these learnings!!
Basicly the major pentatonic has 5 tones and you should know where they are all over the neck, so when you want to use one of them, and you are on the first fret, you dont have to slide to the tenth. And when you know just Major/Minor/Pentatonic your solos will sound the same after a few songs (or similar), modes give the song a different feel, so its very good to know at least some.
Trust me, those 5 pentatonics are more important than they are credited for. Thats the first thing you should know all over the neck, and once you become familiar with those patterns, you catch on with the modes stuff quiet nicely. And Major and minor too offcourse.
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A pentatonic scale has 5 notes, the positions are just all the places those notes occur.

Try reading the Crusade articles by Josh Urban in the columns section...they start all this stuf at the beginning.

Forget modes for the time being, they're not all that important and to be honest they just confuse matters early on.
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