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For me it was probably either Guilty consicence or rock bottom by eminem , Good guitar melodies on that i tell ya.

So what was your 1st song that got you into music
It's hard to pinpoint one, but if there is just one it's probably Vasoline by Stone Temple Pilots. Hearing that song as an 8 year old in my mate's uncle's car made me wanna pick up a guitar.
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well the song that got me in2 music is a song off a soundtrack (sad kid ...) Sonic Adeventure's "Open Ypur Heart". but wat got me in2 stuff im in2 now has go2 be smells like teen spirit
TNT by AC/DC. I rented Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 and started playing it, and that was the first song that came on. Even though i was like 14, i didn't really listen to music. That sog was awesome to me, though. I don't like them anymore, but it definitely got me into music.
Either Eruption - Van Halen.

Or Two out of three ain't bad - Meat Loaf.

Yeah I think it was the Meat Loaf one. Van Halen got me into guitar .
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Carmel is hawt
for me it would have to be the moter milk album by the chilli peppers i just couldnt pick one song but thats as early as i can rember music wise i my life
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well the song that got me in2 music is a song off a soundtrack (sad kid ...) Sonic Adeventure's "Open Ypur Heart". but wat got me in2 stuff im in2 now has go2 be smells like teen spirit

yeah man sweet song eyyy
Green Day - American Idiot album
I hate that album now

and Franz Ferdinand a couple of months later
"Way to fall" - Starsailor

Sunn O))):
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Dire Straits - Money For Nothing
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Bodies by Drowning Pool.

Listened to it in the movie 'xXx' and got obsessed with it.
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firestarter by the Prodigy
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yeah and videogame soundtracks
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Black Sabbath, whole Paranoid album, all thanks to my uncle. Good thing he had good taste.
bohemian rhapsody by queen. was heeellll young back then. 7?
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i always used to listened the radio in the car and enjoyed it but that was genrally the extent of it
but then my dad gave me led zeppelin remastered and led zeppelin houses of holy and that got me into music and then later on motivated me into guitar
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the earliest memory of me first getting interested in music would be a twisted sister tape of my dads that i found one day and listened to it over and over. That is what i credit my first memory of music to, twisted sister!
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Green Day- Minority was my first favorite song, and got me into real music, then when American Idiot hit (the EP, mind you) I decided to buy a bass and get into it, though what made me pick bass was Muse and Catch 22 right before American Idiot came along.
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never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...

I can't get that song out of my head now!
Damn you!

i can't get that song out of my head either...

just like herpes, it's more enjoyable when everyone has it.

'Summer Song' by Joe Satriani got me into guitar, and my dad listens to Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana alot, so that helped as well.
A Johnny Cash album I got for a fiver
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I think it was Dragula by Rob Zombie for me
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Some system of a down song. Got me into metal.

Went from Nu metal > Metal > Every genre ever, including techno
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