Hi, I have been teaching myself guitar for about two years now, but I have decided to learn some blues. I play mostly blues based rock and classic rock but I haven't really learned any pure blues yet. I want to learn things like Robert JOhnson's 32 -20 blues but I'm not good enough yet. What are some more simple blues songs to learn at first so I can build my ability up. Oh and I am fairly good at guitar, I practice about 4 hours a day.
well clapton was heavily based on johnson so check out some of his stuff with cream/derrick and dominos. Maybe also check out some Stevie ray Vaughn sounds if you haven't already! I like johnson myself and wouldnt say that 32-20 is a hard song, try learning it it and stick with it. Set yourself a goal say, I will be able to play this within a week, a month, a time that is realistic to you. And check out buying guitar pro if you haven't already. Send us a PM if you get stuck or need more info
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hey man i think its cool u wanna feel the blues more in ur playing im the same way y'know... the thing with robert johnson is his blues are mostly chorded making it unlike most others but i would suggest looking at other 'bluesists' from around that time (20's, 30's)... Carl Perkins - Dixie Fried, Howlin' Wolfe - Killing Floor (the Lemon Song by LZ), some BB king aaaaand Rory Gallagher from the 60's i'd suggest, remember the blues are from ur soul man...
try the 'blues and jazz' forum (it's in the 'bands and artists' forum). there are a lot of threads you should find useful there.

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also Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Albert Collins, all great electric bluesman, along with BB King, Clapton and SRV they arguably form the "cream of the crop" of electric Bluesmen.
buddy guy is amazing sorry to interupt he is like the grandad of blues really, in the same way james brown was to soul, and george clinton was to funk
Music is the holy grail, sod wine water and the blood of jesus