So, I have been having input problems with my Strat for about a year, so I took off the input ocver, and pop, the white wire that was connected to everything else just fell off!!!!! I was going to totaly revamp te guitar, enw pickguard, new bridge, but I don't know what to do now that the wire is broken, because now no sounds comes.

ANyy help would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm pretty sure it ain't hard to find wiring diagrams for strats, then just remedy the issue by soldering that sucker back where it belongs. Although I really wouldn't suggest that if you have no experience with soldering...
you have to start somewhere, solderings not that hard anyway. You need to fix your guitar now so you might as well buy a cheap soldering iron and learn. It'll be cheaper than taking it somewhere to get fixed and you'll realize how easy guitar wiring is.
the input wire from the jack to the volume pot fell off. like said you need a soldering iron kit.
read the instructions on how to heat up the iron and stick the wire back on.


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