Poll: How Popular Are You In Your Scgool?
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Very Popular
10 5%
Quite Popular
56 27%
Popular Only Amongst Friends
79 38%
28 14%
My School Doesn't Have Popularity
31 15%
Voters: 206.
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im popular with my friend
what else matters
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i dunno if there is any popularity but i'm pretty well known around my school of around 1000 for my music. lol
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How d'you count popularity? Number of friends? Number of people who pretend to be your friends? Number of people who don't want to beat you to death? It's a very unquantifiable term. But I'm pretty damn sure I'm popular with my friends, so that seems like a safe option.
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In soviet Denmark, popularity means absolutely dick. Noone cares here. We talk to who we want, when we want.
popularity is what you make it, evryone in my school (500 pple?) know me, most of them like me, none of tem hate me so I guess I'm pretty popular
I'm unpopular as hell, and I revel in it.
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only amongst friends lol
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

only with friends but i get on fine with everyone.
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I don't go to school. When I was at school I was pretty well known. It doesn't mean shit though.
I have ppl say hi to me that i don't even know when i visit my high school.

Even weirder because i already graduated from there. I've had teachers ask me to help teach class/take care of classes/help with school activities/tutoring.

EDIT: i'm not kidding! I help get things ready with the marching band and staff meetings, watch over some music classes, teach marksmanship at the rifle range, how to march...

Maybe i should be a teacher?
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I get along with people, but I always practice piano during breaks so I don't really socialise much.

I don't really care about being popular either. I only have about 4-5 proper friends.
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i am an ant among gods.
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There isn't really any popularity at our school. It's not like there are 'losers' who everyone hates. Pretty much everyone gets along with each other. And somehow, nearly everyone in my school, even the kids I've never talked to, know my name...
im the token metalhead

also the only guitar player who doesnt play simple chord progressions n stuff

nobody seems to understand my love of metal or my love of folk or classical or jazz(yes i have the weirdest taste in music) but do i care no

when i shred(poorly) ppl think i am a god tho
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sorta a mix of everything?
haha nah among friends
i have a fair few mates but
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I have quite a lot of friends, and most people in my year know who I am and like me, so its all good.
There's not really popularity at my school. There's just a bunch of little groups that are about the same size.
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I am the slash of our school

You poor thing

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I voted popular among friends, mainly because im homeschooled. But my family participates in a homeschool group, and i hold down a decent amount of good friends. So, yeah.
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I'm at college now so popularity is pretty irrelevant.

When I was at school though, I wouldn't say I was 'popular'... I had my close friends and I got on with pretty much everyone else. I wasn't hated by anyone (not that I know of, anyway) so I suppose that was cool.
I get on with everyone and am "quite popular". But here, actually everyone's about equal, except for a few. Very few.
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In a 32 000 students university, popularity doesn't apply.
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Well, I'm in 6th form and everyones friends essentially. People don't like other people but it's a little immature to not talk to people just because they're different from you.
who gives a sh*t about popularity?
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I'm popualar with my friends. Everyone knows me but I'm not really a person that stands out greatly.
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who gives a sh*t about popularity?

Spoken like a true fin.
How the hell do you judge this? Just about everyone knows me.. Does that make me popular? Honestly though, unless you're trying to get a vote, I don't think popularity is all that important. I mean of course, be nice to people and if you don't like someone, at least be civil.. But you don't really need to worry about who does and doesn't like you..

That's just my opinion anyway.. Perhaps it's ignorant.. But it keeps me happy.
Is there a loner option?

Poll Fails
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Well, I'm popular with my friends (I hope ) and I don't think anyone hates me apart from a few chavvy people but in my year I get along pretty well with everyone
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I am the slash of our school

So you used to be super cool, then your group of friends got ****ed over because one of them got to preppy and now you and your other friends, without the preppy one, are living of your early popularity and wander around trying to impress people by joining the basketball team and now everyone who says that they know you are beat down by others with: "You only know him cause he's on the basketball team, you didn't care for him before!"
I think I'm more infamous than popular, really.
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