Hello all,

I've been inspired to build a semi-hollow guitar, but I haven't had any luck finding anything on construction or any specifics. I have a few questions:

1. Has this been done before? Is it possible?

2. Is there anything I should know that is different between a traditional solid body vs a semi-hollow?

3. Is there a difference in pickups?

4. Is body shape very important or can I design a one-off without worry?

5. Any recommendations on where to get started?

1. Uh, yep. Just hollow out the wings with a router and put a top on them.

2. Not much other than they are semi-hollow. I mean, you basically hollow out the outer parts of the body that there isn't any tension on from strings or anything else. It's like a giant control rout.

3. No.

4. One off dood!

5. Pencil and Paper!
^what he said, plus
get a solid budget set down. buildin' aint cheap.
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Alright I've put pen to paper. But now I've got a quick question. Anyone have an opinion on a SSH config on a semi-hollow? I'm pretty interested, but am hesitant to jump on it since most semi-hollows are HH.
SSH with a humbucker at the neck or bridge?

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^Not really, I thought it was because gibson designed the orginal semi hollows and gibson=humbuckers really.

Thinline teles are semi hollow and SS. SSH sounds great, and if you want that tone then get it
Alright, I guess I'm going for the SSH but if anyone wants to weigh in I'm listening.

I've already drawn out the shape of the body and headstock but I'm thinking about thickness of the body. What I'm planning is a 2" thick body made up of a 1/2" maple face, a 1" walnut body, and a 1/2" maple back. What I'm literally doing is routing out the walnut so it's like the guitar siding of an acoustic guitar and then gluing the face and back onto it. Should the back and front each really be 1/2" thick? Or would a thinner front and back with thicker walls be better? By that I mean 1/4" front and back with 1 1/2" walnut walls.

It comes off confusing I think so here:
Guitar from side

| 1/2" maple | 1" walnut | 1/2" maple |

or something like

|1/4" maple | 1 1/2" walnut | 1/4" maple|

Also, is 2" thick appropriate?
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Don't remove too much material. Tele's are 1.75 inches thick, so 2 inches shouldn't be too bad. If you go with the first you could stick with your idea of routing full holes in the walnut. What I would do is have a 1.5" walnut, routed perhaps 3/4" or something deep with a 1/4 inch maple top
Alright I'll think about that a bit. I was thinking about doing a curly maple top and back but I don't know yet. Anyways on the topic of thicknesses, what I have drawn out is a 1/2" thick sidewall around the whole body. Is that too much?