I'm doing music for GCSEs (how odd).
Anyway I'll get to the point.
Should I do music for A levels and degrees, because everyone I've asked said it was useless and you could probably learn most of it from someone else anyway.
So fellow pit monkeys, is it worth it?
depends on what you want to do, if you possibly want a career teaching music, then yes
Yeah these are the kind of things I though about. How easy would it be to build a proper life around tihngs like that is quite a difficult question.
I'm doing A level music, it's pretty hard but has helped me with writing and stuff, so it is worth it, I think.

Just don't **** up like I did. I failed the first year so I had to restart.
I'm doing a BTEC in music and it's 100% worth it.

I didn't do music for GCSE so it's a bit harder than it is for the others who did do it, but even so, I seriously recommend it.
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A degree in straight up music wouldn't be that useful, if you really wanted something musicey music management or sound engineering would be better.
Im on my second year of btec.

Its epic.
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I'm doing music at A Level, and there's lots of technical stuff, you'll learn a lot about musical technicalities and theory. I think it'll be useful to me as a musician, but not so much for a career.

Luckily, I'm also taking music tech, physics, and maths, so hopefully I can go into the sound engineering business!
I'm doing a first diploma in Music at college and it's ALOT of fun, you get to meet loads of people in the music industry as well as learning about other types of music/theory/studio/production stuff. And you get to meet alot of other metal heads i'm definately doing the national diploma next year as well.
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I did A-Level music, hated it, but i'm a metalhead so maybe you have to be classically trained to really get the best out of it

Or just generally opened minded about it.

I got a good friend who does it, loves it, but had to work bloody hard at it. It's hard work, but she seems to really enjoy it.