I got a line 6 spider 3 15watt a few months ago, and im starting to get fed up of sounding crap all the time so im looking to upgrade my amp.

Ive got £100, £200 at most to spend on an amp and pedals if necassary.

The amp is mostly for bedroom use but occasionial use with a band, but my 15 watt has been loud enough so far.

Ive been looking at roland cubes and the new peavey vypyrs but i would like a nice sounding tube amp if there are any in this price range.

I play mostly metal, Maiden, Megadeth, Pantera, Metallica and all that but i also play clean alod of the time aswell.

If there arent any amps that can do this in my price range i wopuld prefer to get a good amp now and a pedal later if it will do it well, it not i will wait untill i have more money to spend.

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epi valve junior, metal muff and a decent eq

5 watts of valve power = like 50w at least of solid state power, so itl be much louder than your spoder

Not quite but 5 watts of valve is much louder than 5 watts of ss.
haha. 5W valve is probably the volume equivalent of 20-30 SSW.
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a 5 watt tube amp may be loud enough, but you wouldnt have any cleans.
i second the crates v18
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Chea_man is the best.
i think it'd be hard to put your hands on a crate V in the UK

i'd save a bit and look at a sound city SC-20 combo and an overdrive or a decent graphic EQ
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