So, my project!

I started with a 2007 Silvertone Citation, which was my first electric guitar. It was okay for a while, but after having a hard look at a real Stratocaster I realised it actually was a pretty bad copy! Not to mention the liquid black was wearing thin... not literally, just getting boring

I decided to do something about it. I advertised for a real Strat body in our classified section, and had a prompt reply. A trade was made, and I recieved the body and started work. My plan is, finish the body in Surf Green, get a standard Strat pickguard, and transplant the neck and hardware from the Silvertone. Nothing special at all, just a standard Surf Green Stratocaster.

This is the standard Citation:

First job I did was remove the awful black finish from the headstock. As you can see, it was black with a ghastly golden logo. I sanded the finish off, and spray-painted the Silvertone logo back on in black! Looks way hotter, and will complement the green better. It looks kind of dirty here but that's just the camera.

Then, the body arrives from good ol' Wales. It's plywood, and I was surprised at the weight, considering what it was made from. A very good body. Under the bridge pickup cavity, there was this really rubbish, thin peice of wood. I broke it off, and replaced it with... matchsticks! Sure, I had sheet wood at my disposal, but matchsticks seemed so original and a change from the norm. Here is the body with the neck mounted - bear in mind, this is before the neck pocket was padded out to tailor-fit the neck.

And this is what it's like right now. The neck pocket has been padded with sheet wood, and filled with Polyfilla to get the curves right up to the sides of the neck. This is automotive primer-filler. Primer-filler acts as both a primer for the paint, plus it fills in all those little nicks and cracks. It's very smooth as of now. Funky colour too! 24 hours from now, it will be time to apply the main Surf Green paint, and 48 hours will be the laquer. All finishing products I'm using are automotive.

All I've got to order now is the pickguard, from Axes R Us. I should be able to pay and order soon - I will definitely keep this thread updated.

Surf Green tomorrow, laquer on Monday!

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The paint was already stripped off the body, apart from the sides which were fully finished in black - a powersander soon fixed that!

If by materials you mean the paint, then I'm using Hycote automotive primer-filler and clear lacquer, and the Surf Green paint itself is Holts "Dupli-Colour" automotive paint in "Ford - Peppermint Sea Green"

Other than that, all I used is matchsticks, some thick sheet balsawood to pad out the neck pocket (hardened by the paint), and some standard white wood glue and fine-grit sandpaper.
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Body is fully finished now. I know I said I'd do the laquer Monday, but the paint dried fully way faster than I was expecting. What I'm really proud of is, the primer-filler didn't completely fill in the wood grain - it still shows through.

But by far the best part is, when you hold it up to the sunlight so it's reflected in the body, the light also catches most of the grain, and it looks exactly like a beautiful ocean!

No, it's not that professional, gleaming, smooth, plastic-like finish that you get on new guitars - which was what I was originally intended - but I can't think of a better way for it to have turned out. In my opinion, this is actually better than the plasticky factory finish, because it feels like actual wood.

Now it's just the pickguard to order and receive, and I'll be set to transplant the hardware
Thats looking great so fat dude, you should be proud :P :P Nice to see the grain in there.
Hehe, thanks. And hell yeah, I'm proud, especially as this is my first ever build

Small update: went to the music shop today. Got new strings (Ernie Ball Regular Slinkies) and a new set of Strat knobs, as I accidentally half-painted the old ones black. Don't ask.

However, the new guy behind the counter didn't know what a pickguard was (it's not just guitars they sell), so I had to show him. He then said they didn't have any, so I got onto AxesRUs when I got home and a 3-ply white pickguard with built in shielding should be here either Saturday or Monday!
Nice to see you did something decent with the body mate, well done
Call me Duncan.

Nearly always have D'addario EXL110 strings instock - just ask!

Custom made guitar slides available - choose the glass, length etc.. Engraving availible. PM or email for more info.


Welsh UG'er!!
Okay, the pickguard arrived yesterday! Thankfully the Citation's hardware fit perfectly.

And there she is! It didn't work at first, because I broke one of the jack wires on the under-pickguard side (if you know what I mean). Located the problem, soldered it back, everything's hunky dory now. Sounds brilliant, and looks brilliant! I think this is the hottest Citation on UG.

Thankyou to AxesRus for very prompt delivery, and also thanks to the three UGers who actually gave a shit