A friend of mine said that RANDALL RG75G3PLUS is the best and most badass amp for metal. Since i need a new amp , im wondering. Is the rg75g3 really that good ?
If you own one or have any experience with one , comment. (sound, reliability etc.)
It should be a good amp for what you want. Not the best, but will do what you want.

I say go for it.
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well, I have the RH150G3 (halfstack) and I love it.... I bought it after I tried the RG100G3 combo which had the nicest tone for high gain metal, so..... I guess the smaller version is kickass too

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try it out for yourself. i would say go for a mesa, but those can be out of many people's price range.
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How do these compare to the tube versions, or RG50TC 50W Combo Tube?