So I went on today right as the tickets started being sold for AC/DC and I managed to get main floor, row 10. So I go to checkout and it times out during the billing stage and sends me back to the home page!

Thankfully I managed to get some lower level seating but still not main floor.

Post about your bad Ticketmaster experiences...
i couldn't get tickets for the free ozzfest a while back. i waited for like 2 hours, then it just sent me back to the home page, like you.
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At least you got tickets.

When I tried to buy tickets from the crack dealer down an alley way, he just tried to shank me.
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Once on Ticketmaster, I ordered some tickets, athen I looked at the same page a little while later after I got the confirmation message.

Oh wait, bad experiences...
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a similar thing happened to me when i was ordering Weezer tickets. luckily it only pushed me back like 3-4 rows.

i was going to get AC/DC tickets...until i saw how ridiculously expensive they are.
Wasn't this topic here already yesterday or two days ago twice?
Or maybe everyone really does just hate Ticketmaster.
I have tickets for Halloween night in Chicago, and in Indy the next Monday.


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^those are so stupid.

i paid $80 for 3 tickets to see flogging molly, and the damn surcharges and w/e else they add was like $31 more. thats just ridiculous.
But they are the master of tickets...
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i ALMOST didnt get tickets for ac/dc this morning. the page essetially slowed to a stop when i entered the security code, and when i went back, it was sold out. i went back a few min later and luckily got some nosebleeds. i dont care though, im finally getting to see my favorite band!
Ticketmaster hates you too probably.

I've never had a bad expierience with them.
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Yesterday I tried to get tickets for AC/DC in Toronto. I clicked it like 2 minutes after the tickets went on sale and it sent me to the home page. Now I might not be able to go with my buddies

Imma check if I can still get some today.
I'd suggest using Aloud instead. I've never had a problem with them, Ticketmaster have been known to simply decide against shipping my tickets sometimes.
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