well im looking for a new pedal. i have a gibson sg, les paul, fender strat and a crate v50 tube amp.

im looking for a better sound then my current distortion pedal the ds-1.

i can get the big muff for 40 from my friend but id have to buy the tubescreamer new probably. is the screamer that much better then the muff?

i play mostly alt rock, classic rock, punk.... occasional metal.
i'd say go for a tube screamer.
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try them both out. they're two totally different pedals, the Muff is a Fuzz/Distortion pedal, the Tube Screamer is an overdrive pedal, you probably won't get a whole lot of gain out of the TS unless you have a tube amp

EDIT: just read your post again, and saw you have a tube amp

you really just need to try the two pedals out, dude. we don't really know the sound you're looking for, so go to the store and see what you like more
well, what are you trying to achieve? they are both very different effects.

the tubescreamer is an overdrive pedal, whereas the big muff is more of a fuzz/sustainer pedal.
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ok thanks ill probably head down to guitar center today. i was under the assumption they were both overdrive pedals/sounded similar :P
I'd say the tubescreamer is different. I have both of them.

The Ibanez tubescreamer TS9 is better for a warm bluesy sound. I usually use it for solos, but when you play chords with it it sounds a bit like The Hives ("Hate to say I told you so", e.g.). You can also activate the TS9 while you already are in the disto channel of the amp. Using both at the same time can sound quite metal.

The EHX Big Muff is better for an fender-like overdrive (an overdrive sounding like fender amps). I usually use it while playing chords to get a sound a bit like Green Day, but it can also sound jazzy for solos. Also good for metal when used with the right settings.

The choice is yours, it depends what wou want to play and it depends the sound you're searching for. If you have a lot of money, I'd suggest to buy both. Otherwise, try those two before you choose.

Anyway, you also have to know the tubescreamer TS9 (~155&euro is much more expensive than the Big Muff (~80&euro.
Apples and oranges, dude.

Fuzz versus overdrive. I'd get the overdrive first and a muff later.
It really depends on what you want, as they are two very different pedals. The Big Muff is a sort of modern fuzz ad the TS is an overdrive. If you want a fuzzy sort of sound, the Muff is great. But if you are looking for a little more gain from your amp, the tubescreamer