hey guys we finally got up on youtube, so i thought i`d give the link and see what people thought.

ya some parts i totaly messed up on, but it`s not bad.

I`m playing the red Warlock.


Are myspace

thanks man... anyone that likes what we`re doing feel free to add us on myspace.... we`re hitting the studio next monday, also launching a new myspace soon, all redone. also rate the youtube vid and leave comments.

oh and the song is called Warbeast.

we have recordings of 3 songs, i`m pretty sure you can DL them off of myspace so down load all you want

if you have anything to say i`m willing to hear it, if we suck, tell us why, and we`ll try to do better, i would love to hear feedback on this

our myspace is updated now too, once again add us as friends if you like what we`re doing, anything you wanna know just ask.

thanks for listening,

Chris - Inferus
More news:

Inferus is replacing the drummer with a kid named Dan, so we`ll be re recording our songs with him and probly recording more songs, we have 2-3 songs on there way too, i`ll keep you guys posted about anything and everything Inferus

Keep it METAL!!

Chris - Inferus
been awhile since i`ve updated this... new video up, we`re a **** load tighter now and i`d love to know what you guys think

the 1st song is The Hunted Halls... an anti religion song
the second song is Frontline... a War song



Chris: Guitar
Shane: Vocals
Jordan: Bass
Dan: Drums
Eric: Guitar