I've tried Vox AC30 CC2 and CC2X amps and I definitely want to buy a Vox AC30 CC2X. The problem is I haven't got enough money actually. So I was thinking of buying a head, which would allow me to buy the cabinet I want. (the one with Alnico Blues in a few months for example.) And if some day I need more than two speaker, it will at least still be possible to buy a 4X12 cab instead of 2X12.

Anyway, I was wondering if a Vox AC30 CCH head plugged on a 2X12 Celestion Blue sounded exactly the same as a Vox AC30 CC2X?
Are the stuffs/materials/tubes/settings... exactly the same with a combo CC2X and with a head CCH? (And does the head also have the two channels Normal/Top Boost and the tremolo settings?)

Thank you in advance,

(PS:Sorry for the bad english, I'm from Belgium and speak french )
The chassis in the CCH is exactly the same as the one in the CC2, and it should sound exactly the same as the combo if you get an open back 2x12 cab. So yes, it will have the tremolo, the top boost channel etc.
As far as combo vs stack, it's your call. The head + a 2x12 will be easier to move around than the combo and you are less likely to get funky vibrations from the speakers messing with the tubes and whatnot. But then the combo is really classic and not too hard to move around if you aren't super small. btw I have the head and the vox 4x12 that sounds great but it is a pain to move around. The closed back seems to work well with tighter/higher gain stuff though.
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Ok, thank you ^^

If it sounds exactly the same, i'll take the head. And if I had to plug it to another cabinet, it is possible. (I don't know if the combo can also be plugged to other speakers/cabinets ? But I suppose it can't if it's a combo)

And in fact, at MusicStore-Köln, buying the head + the 2X12 cabinet is cheaper than buying the CC2X. So my choice is made if the sound is the same ^^