I ordered a BC Rich Kerry King signature V. neck thru, EMG`s all the good stuff. ya that was back around july 10th... i`m still waiting GOD i want it to come in. all the other Kerry King guitars are in stock but not my V which is backordered to now at leact Oct 3rd, it was sept 29 and b4 that sept 5th, they just keep moving it back. i swear to god this guitar had better be the best guitar ever LOL. at least it`ll be hot off the line when i get it.

Almost wish i woulda just bought the Warbeast and put in EMG pickups. or ordered the Wartribe which is in stock.
Dude, complain and complain and complain, tell them it was a necessary piece of kit you needed soon for shows and see if you can haggle the price down and make some compensation.
well yeah seems like you're going to be waiting a long time. when i read your thread title i though you meant what guitars we're waiting for to be released. cause in that case the dethklok epiphone =OOOO ****ing crazy man!
I have a dude making me a Charvel inspired guitar.

It'll be a single pickup shred monster.
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HAHA, it`s pretty necessary, since the guitar in my sig was sold to get the KKV, but THANK GOD the music store i ordered from is lending me a BC Rich NJ Warlock till my V comes in, and they already knocked $100 bucks off the price of the guitar