I was at my buddy's house yesterday and we were jammin in his basement, and I played his bass for a while. It was so much fun. So now I want a bass guitar, but i just bought this amp http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Blackheart-BH5112-5W-1x12-Little-Giant-Tube-Combo-Amp?sku=481675. I don't have money to buy a bass amp too, so I'm wondering if I can just plug my bass into this amp. I've heard that you can shred the speakers with a bass, because they arent made to play notes that low. I really don't want to **** up my brand new amp, so can somebody tell me whether or not I can use this as a bass amp too?

Also, If I sold this amp and bought a bass amp, could I use that with a guitar?
Bass & guitar amp = No.
Bass & bass amp = Yes.

Guitar & bass amp = Yes.
Guitar & guitar amp = Yes.

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Yes, you can use bass amps with guitars, but not the otherway round.
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This is asked about once a week (use the search bar! ), and the answer is no, you will destroy the guitar amp by playing a bass through it. Also, before you start selling and buying stuff, wait a few weeks and play your friend's bass some more. Be sure if really something you want to invest in before getting rid of your guitar equipment and shelling out for new gear.
Well I'm not sure if it is safe to put a bass through a guitar amp, but if you think about it bands like slipknot put some realy low downtuned heavy strings through guitar amps...
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Yes, actually you can, BUT don't play it loud. I've done it quite a few times without damaging anything. Use the EQ on the bass and the amp to turn the lows down and maybe mids slightly down too, to minimize the risk of damage. You'll want a real bass amp sooner or later though to get quality BASS tone through and volume without worrying about blowing the speaker.
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Damn. I know alot of people that play guitar, but not many that play bass. I'm also kinda garbage at guitar. I'm not saying bass is easier, It was just alot simpler to play single notes at a time than to play chords, and it was so much easier to improvise.

I'm wondering whats the difference between bass amps and guitar amps? Could I just change some of the electronics? Or put a new speaker in? Im pretty handy

Also, I usually am just a bedroom guitar player, When parents are home (99% of the time) I have the amp turned on at 2.5. My bedroom is small, even when noone is home I don't turn it up past 5 or so, or else my ears start ringing/hurting. Is it still a bad idea even at low volumes?
The electronics isn't the problem- it's the speakers.

However saying that, the EQ won't be good either. This is because even though the knob says bass, it may not cover the bass frequencies of a bass. Which is why I don't go with the entire "ok, you can play a bass through it ONLY if you turn down the bass knob."

In short, it's called a BASS amp for a reason.
I used to play through my guitarists old Hartke guitar half stack long before I got a decent amp for myself.

The low end was terrible but no damage at all.

But yeah, I wouldn't recommend it.
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Ok I tuned the low E string on my guitar an octave lower. With the volume turned on at 5 it didnt sound half bad except for the string vibrating on the fretboard cause its wayy too loose. I think a real bass guitar would sound much better. So i think im just gonna do this until I have money for a proper bass. Im pretty sure my amp has a warrantee of some kind, so if it does break, I can probably return it/get it fixed.

If I were to break it, what would break, just the speaker? If thats the case, couldnt i just replace the speaker? These are stock speackers, so if thats the case, then I am willing to take that risk.

Are there any ways I can mod my amp so that it will handle a bass better or reduce the damage that a bass could do to it? Like I said, I am very handy.

Could I put a bass speaker into this amp? Is there a difference in bass amps and guitar amps besides the speakers?
The point is, the electronics can handle it, but will sound like ass and not be fully functional. The speakers will get destroyed. Slowly if you keep the volume down, quickly if you turn it up.

A bass amp will work with a guitar. However, most are not made to distort well, so a pedal would be better than using the gain control on the amp.
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Some bassists do use guitar amps -- I think the guy from Shadows Fall uses a guitar amp, and I know Ryan Martinie uses a cab from the guitarist's set up for extended mids and stuff... but these are professional musicians who can probably afford replacing those amps, so it's best to just get a bass amp and not break your crap.
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Can we sticky one of these threads?

It's covered in the FAQ, so why bother?
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It's covered in the FAQ, so why bother?

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Just no man. Some people do but its because they may seek a dirty ****ed up sound which unfortunetly will carry over to your guitar when you play it, get a low end bass amp to see if you really enjoy playing it first it wont be too expensive. If you start playing gigs with a bass then start thinking about getting a good un.
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Ok I tuned the low E string on my guitar an octave lower.

Wait.. Wait.
You tuned your low E string down by 12 semitones?
Sorry if I'm wrong, but that wouldn't work. tuning an E string down to B is bad enough, you don't get any real sound out of it.

Are you sure that's what you did?
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TS, sell your guitar amp, buy yourself a bass amp so you'll be able to play both guitar and bass and then somewhere in the future buy yourself another guitar amp.

PS. Can we pleeease ban these threads?
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there are countless small bass amps you can get really cheap dont go destroying a good guitar amp
if you cant aford one at the moment just play unplugged if you need to hear it better rest the body of the bass on a wooden surface it will invrease the soud some what
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Can we sticky one of these threads?


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