On our recordings we switch between overdriven electric guitars and acoustic guitars quite a bit. At the moment I just switch between the clean and distortion channels on my amp live with a foot switch, but recently I found that boss makes a pedal that changes your guitar's tone to an acoustic (Boss AC-2 and AC-3).

Just wondering if anyone has tried this pedal or know other pedals that are like this. Currently I have and Ibanez RG with a neck and bridge humbucker and a middle single coil pickup going through my BBE Sonic Maximizer into a Krank Chadwick head. Also whats the difference between the AC-2 and the AC-3?
i dont rate those acoustic sim things tbh

i'd rather save and get a decent acoustic and a pickup
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^^If you read his post you would've known that that's not exactly an option for him. He is looking to be switching midsong. I've only played the AC-2, so I can't tell you the difference, but I liked it. Not really helpful I know, but it's kind of a start. Good luck man.
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ac sims are all pretty meh.

you can install a piezeo like said, or swap a guitar (i know that's near impossible)

or you can work with what you have, including lowering your guitar's volume.

as far as pedals go, i suggest the behringer ac sim, because it's the cheapest and not the worst by far.

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piezo bridge pick up or variax. The variax is actually better at acoustic then the piezo I have in one of my electric guitars.
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i have a roland cube with has an acoustic sim built in and i have to say its not half bad you have an RG like me and using the 4th position, using the neck single coil you get a reasonable acoustic tone very passable not as good as real acoustic tho