ok so im in some need of help, this question seems so easy that i must be doing something wrong im not stupid i just cant see how it works.

Question: Assume that there are two countries in the world. Also assume that there are only two products that they can produce. Each country uses half its resources on each product and they can produce the following number of units.

Canada Brazil
Wheat 5500kg 3000kg
Pineapple 600kg 4700kg

a) if the countries do not trade how much of each product (wheat and pineapples) will be made.
b) if they do trade how much of each product will be made. (kg)
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Why would they trade if they only both produce two products, and those products are the same??
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you should really do it yourself, check out the theory of comparative and absolute advantage, we did it last year in economics...
there is a simple formula somewhere that'll do part (b)
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