Ok i'm useing REAPER to record stuff. When i go to make it a mp3 it will say "error i need lame_enc.dll to encode to mp3" But the thing is i do have it, I downloaded it then saved it to the desktop. When i opened it and went to the white square, when i opened that i extracted everything, then i went to the lame_enc.dll thing and clicked on it it said Open with recomended programe or browse. When i choose a recomended program it takes me to Internet explorer and it says error finding page or something like that. When i choose browse all these programs pop up and non of them work or even look like what i'm supposed to use. Whats going on???
If you want to encode to .mp3 you need (the programe) needs a licence (i assume this recording software is free of the internet). which is why you need the lame_enc file

if you want a easier way around this, encode to .wav (wav is open sourced like .flac or .ogg)

then just find a free wav to mp3 converter of the web. theres thousands.
a WAV file has better fidelity than mp3 anyways, use that format.

or if youd like, i know you can get a lame dll from the audacity site. dunno if itll work with reaper but worth a shot.
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I tried the wav thing and it said something about i dont have an audio codec, i downloaded one still didn't work. I used to have the lame thing and i would put all kinds of stuff in mp3 with no problem at all. Ever since i download this Sony Vegas Pro trail thing and the war or rar whatever it was, ever since i downloaded those 2 i can't use the lame encoder for reaper.
You need to move the lame_enc.dll to the Reaper folder.

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How exactly do i do this? If you're talking abou tthe reaper folder in Program files i don't know how to send it there
Glad you got it working...

I had the same problem, it could never export to MP3 however I was able to export into Audacity and encode to MP3 though that.
After a while I moved onto better sequencers though which dont complain LOL
Ok, So I'm using reaper and I have a song with about 9 tracks on it. I need to get it on my bands myspace. When I expert it tho, each track is seperate (i.e. I have a 20 second solo here, a 2 minute riff there etc.) and not a cohesive song.

What the hell should I do?
Well i've never used the programme before so i don't actually know, but i assume there will be a "export all" button.

if not, then try highlighting all the tracks and then export.