I have to draw out a map of the U.S and I have to label the 57 largest political jurisdictions on the map. Except I don't know what that is!

Am I looking for large counties? Any help?

Yes I have tried google but it is of no help.
Paying attention in class usually does wonders.
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Paying attention in class usually does wonders.

Except that the class really has nothing to do with Geography or Government. He just gave us these instructions.
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i think you are looking for the largest jurisdictions (counties)

If that is true then he also made us choose how we wanted to do this.

When he meant by largest he made us decide is we wanna go by population or area size.
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Then decide... and google?

I have decided. Wikipedia is my friend.

It would be innacurate to go by populations in counties because that changes too much between census.

But then I have to put the 56 capitals of those 57 jurisdictions...Am I really looking for counties?

Observe, this question was asked on yahoo.
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