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Ello. I'm going to be playing my first gig at my local music venue tonight, in about 2 and a half hours. I'm very nervous, what do you suggest i do to feel better. There's going to be 100 to 200 people there. My original plan is to have a beer before going up but i've no idea how i'll react to the audience. I'm playing bass in the band so i can probably stand further back while the 2 guitarists absorb the attention. I don't think i'll know anyone there besides band mates as it's a private gig.

Thanks adam.
I will shred in the end!!
Just try not to think about it too much. I was kind of the same way at my first show, but honestly, once you get up there and start playing you won't even be thinking about it. Good luck.
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I'm sure it will turn out fine, and I'm sure you'll have lots of fun. I've yet to form my own band and gig together, but I'm certainly looking forward to it. Lucky. :P

Good luck!
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Just try not to think about it too much. I was kind of the same way at my first show, but honestly, once you get up there and start playing you won't even be thinking about it. Good luck.

pretty much this just try not to think about it
Get pumped up before the show
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Just remember a lot of the people there won't play an instrument and will assume He's in a band therefore he's good! Just relax and enjoy it oh and if you mess up, just keep playing!
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hahah ^ Agreed. (No one noticing bass players comment) But seriously, before the gig is the worst part, when you're actually playing you completely forget anything you felt before and just try to have a good time!
I'm in a guitar class and for test we have to play in front of everyone.

When I first started it was terrible, but then I started enjoying myself. I wasn't even looking at the music, well I was but I wasn't "reading it" more thinking in my head, "wow I'm doing awesome".

It's a great feeling doing well and having everyone watch So don't worry you'll be alright.
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you play bass so no one will notice if you **** up, but seriously, once u get into it you will be fine
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Confidence juice is the way to go. If your tight, and have fun, it'll be a decent gig.

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DON'T get drunk. It'll only make things worse.
Don't worry. Unless you screw up by going out of key or get your penis severed, no one will realize if you screw up. Hell, even Steve Vai screws up from time to time.

EDIT: And fap before leaving your house. I'm dead serious. Fapping will discharge a lot of adrenaline.

Yeah, man! It's your first show. Just let it happen, man. If it goes well, awesome. If not, hey, it's your first show. Just have fun, dude. The first few shows I ever played I was firmly planted into the ground. I don't think I moved anything except my hands, I was so nervous. Just do it, man.
You'll be scared at first but when you get about half through your first song you'll be fine

First gigs are always hard but it gets easier

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lol spank the plank. i'm feelin the nerves now almost 9 oclock. I think i'll just turn the bass down a tiny bit lol. gna practice my ass off now. wish me look.

thanks, adam
I will shred in the end!!
Yeah, dont think too much on it.
Whenever, i come up to something and nerves start comin on,
i just take a deep breath, release it slowly and clear my mind, then WHAM clear headed ready to rock
ya dont even think about alcohol

i suggest smoking a cigarette while you play
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Just try not to think about it too much. I was kind of the same way at my first show, but honestly, once you get up there and start playing you won't even be thinking about it. Good luck.

You concentrate on your playing 'cause that's what the audience comes to see. They're not coming to watch you...otherwise +1 to the quoted post above
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I think i'll just turn the bass down a tiny bit lol.

DONT do this.
Just go out and enjoy it. After the first song or 2 you will be totally into it.
Don't be scared to go nuts and do your thing man. Just ****ing rock
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play the best you can. dont turn the bass down this will make you think you cant be noticed but you still can be. Hell, its your first gig you're gonna be nervous, just be confident and itll be fun. Plus it gives experience and confidence to play more.

dont worry
just whatever you do. do not pull out your cell phone.
i know i dumbass bass that did that once
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You play bass. Don't worry. Nobody'll notice you. lol


now seriously, take some E before the show
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1. Move about on stage, standing rigid still will bore the crowd
2. Make some jokes and interact with the crowd between songs.
3. Dont show off TOO much, but show them you got talent.
I remember my first gig! I was uhm.. Well, I don't think I can type it here, but suffice to say I was sh***ing myself...

Then, once you get up, play a few songs... It ends! And it's like.. BUT I WANT TO PLAY MORE! Totally buzzing! It's like the nervousness turns to adrenaline!

Good luck man! Enjoy it! That's the most important thing! You're there to show everyone how good you are at bass!
Im gonna be honest. If your playing bass then I dont think you will need to worry much unless your playing really technical shit. Just lay back and do your stuff. Though I do like it when bass players compensate for not playing as much as everyone else in the band by running around like a maniac on stage and putting on a good show.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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dude I play bass in my church band and we play in front of 200 every sunday.. so just stand in the back if you're feeling nervous or just bust out some sick bass improvs if youre feeling better
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Being nervous means you care about your performance. When you don't get nervous before a show it means you don't care and that's not good. Most famous musicians still get nervous before shows. It's natural. Just do your best and it be fine.
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