As of right now I'm playing my Warwick Corvette through a crappy Peavey practice amp, everything flat on the amp. The bass has the treble at flat and the bass cut entirely (it's too much bass for my amp).

I play roughly 85%-90% on the bridge pickup.
My bridge pickup is tilted towards the E string, and is very close to it... I've tweaked with this a lot, and I LOVE the way my E string sounds through this amp with these settings.
Also, I play over the bridge pickup, very close to the bridge. Changing which pickup I play over is not an option -- Corvettes seem to sound mid-scooped no matter what (with this amp at least) if I play close to the neck... also I like being able to dig into the strings, and the callouses I've developed over the past 4-5 months of playing only at the bridge are not going to go to waste, because they hurt like absolute hell at first.

As soon as I get to the A string though, I get a lot of twang. Why? My cousin has a Wick Vette that's fretless and passive, and he doesn't get the same twang I get. And by the way, that was the first fretless I played and it played like butter.

So this twang -- I realize that the A string will sound slightly different than the E string even if you're playing the same notes because of the string gauges and all that, but it's really annoying when I play something that goes from the E string to an open A... the twang comes through and dominates my tone, and it sounds bad.

I've tried every EQ option that I can stand, and I'm out of ideas. Is there anything I can do to the bridge/strings/nut/pickups to eliminate the twang? Could raising the string help?

And my bass is strung with really dead DR Hi-Beams 45-105, but this is a problem I've had for awhile... and I'm working on getting a new amp, which would also help a bit.
2006 Warwick
try raising the action, but otherwise i don't know
Try checking the nut. It could be rattling there. And try a fresh set of strings. This happened to me a while ago and a fresh set solved it.
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LOL I know what you mean. When i played with my band with some fresh rotosounds, they agreed my A string sounded like a frog.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
Get a pencil, and colour in the bit where the A string goes on the nut, I think that's one of the quick fixes for this

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