i play all kinds of rock, and alternative ocassionaly, and no metal. i want a little bit of distortion, lot of distortion, but also a crisp bright clean. i have looked at used mesa boogie f30's and love them i also looked at the peavey classic 30 and loved it but i decided the mesa will hold its value better. i dont want anything to heavy to carry around. i need it to practice and play not too large gigs, i use reverb but can live without it.
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Aren't like all mesas over $2000 new? How do you get one that cheap used?

Not really.

A used Mark III is about 800. The lower wattage Mesas are pretty cheap, too.
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peavey classic 30, mesa boogie f30 ... what do you need US for again? looks like you've made the right choices now go get an amp!


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i just bought a mint condition peavey classic 30 yesterday for 250. sounds amazing!!!