I have a bit of a dilemma fellow UGers. I've been wanting a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser for the longest time, and I only have about $350 saved up. I've been trying to find a job, sent out like 20 resumes to crappy places and they won't really call me back, so getting money would be hard until the holidays.

So my question is, should I get a Jackson DK2M Dinky Pro or wait and save for a Hellraiser? The Jackson comes with a Jackson Licensed Floyd Rose and Seymour Duncan Designed pickups. I've heard Licensed Floyd Roses are not very good, but how bad is it really? What problems come with a Jackson Licensed Floyd Rose? Is it hard to tune up and down or just at first? Also instead of a maple fingerboard it has a rosewood fingerboard.

I need to decide within a week or so because my brother has it at a pawn shop he works at and I could get it for $350. Should I get this guitar or wait for the Hellraiser? Or should I just get this guitar, and once I get a job save until I can get the Hellraiser too?

EDIT: My brother actually told me I could probably get it for $300. So it's an even better deal now.
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Interesting dilemma. Have you actually tried out the Jackson or Schecter? That would help IMMENSELY in your decision making.
Jackson LFR's are better than most LFR's,, so try it out and see if you like it. Jackson necks are quite different from schecter necks, though. Also, if it doesn't have a maple fretboard it's a DK2, not a DK2M.
I've been saving money for around a year now and I'm getting irritated now.

I've played the Schecter an it was amazingly smooth. That's why I feel in love with it. But I only have half saved and my parents told me I'd have to wait another year for them to help me out because there's some stuff going on right now with my sister moving out and them getting a new car that they can't really help me. So the Schecter is pretty far away in my sights.

Now the Jackson I could get in a week or so and I was planning to play it Monday or so.
Go for it dude, as long as it's in good condition, $350 is a very good deal. The LFR is not bad at all, quite reliable actually. It's really a great guitar, I've only played a Hellraiser once but I can at least say that they're in the same league.
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Jackson LFR's are the best I've ever played. Not as nice as a true blue Floyd, but way better than anything any other company makes (except for the Edge).

Now, I've played a Schecter Hellraiser, and I have a Jackson DXMG (not the same guitar, but that's not what matters). The Schecter plays nice, I'll give it that, but a Jackson neck has a feel all it's own, I love it.

As a general rule, most everyone that owns a Jackson loves it to death, I know I do.
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