Poll: How often do you have pizza
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View poll results: How often do you have pizza
3+ times per week
28 14%
2 times per week
21 10%
Once a week
56 27%
Between once a week and once a month
70 34%
25 12%
3 1%
I ONLY EATS TEH BRAINS OF n0000000bs!!!!11!!!1!!!one
3 1%
Voters: 206.
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I'm particularly interested in how often non-Americans do. Everyone one is welcome to vote but please indicate what country you're in. Poll coming ASAP
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Once a month or two months?
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Amurrica, used to eat pizza a few times a year then I had a pizza eating competition and ate pizza every day for 4 months. Now I'm in college and pizza is the only decent food the dining hall serves so I'm eating it often now.
occasionally, the ones from a supermarket.

i'd love a pizza hut one. it's been so long.
If you make it yourself, pizza can actually be pretty healthy.
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3+ england, generally with garlic bread
3+ times a week england, i love pizza.
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mmm garlic bread
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Of course I don't wanna go in the woods. There's bears in there.

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every so often i guess. mostly from local pizza joints or Dominos
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about 3-4 times per month. USA
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Im a brit... i love pizza i get take away pizza on my breaks when im workin so like between 3-5 times a week. Hiwiian is best!
UK - Once a week, twice at a push. Usually from supermarkets but I have the odd one from Pizza Hut, it's just too tasty really.
I'm from Belgium and I live in an Austrian boarding school. The food here is disgusting, so I order pizza several times per week, just to eat something good once in a while.
More than 3 times a week I guess, some might be just 2.
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Maybe twice a week though for realz.
Britain, not often. I'll get a takeaway piza a couple of times a year, and eat a frozen pizza with friends sometimes, I also make them too.
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i work in a local pizza place and i eat it probably 4-5 times a week. but if you looked at me you'd think i was anorexic(sp?).
I love pizza. probably once a week for me, maybe a little less.

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I do like pizza. I eat it once every couple weeks. I'm from the States.
How often?

As often as one pizza per 1-4 months.
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unfortunately no-one in my family is very fond of pizza so i only get it on mah birthday. i don't understand how anyone doesn't like pizza
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2 times a week .. I are fat bastard!
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just a few of my fans..

(Portugal) first of all I can't eat an entire pizza by myself.. x)

.. and I eat it twice a month (+-)
I make my own pizza at home. It's awesome.
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I eat it like twice a month .

Off-topic: I love that !!!!11!!1!!!!11!!
My diet consists mainly of pizza, chicken, and Subway subs.
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US usually once a week

Edit: wait why does everyone think pizza makes people fat?
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About once a week, more sometimes especially when I'm out with friends and need a quick meal.
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