Got this DVD and thought I'd write a quick review


First of all the current batch of DVDs are faulty as the backing
tracks/tablature aren't provided as advertised, yet Paul has assured us he is working on it

The downloadable stuff didn't work on the first batch of DVDs. Sorry! The distributor is working on fixing it now. Thank you! Paul

Anyway, after watching all of the DVD i Thought I'd inform some of you who are interested on what my opinion of it is.

First of all SFBADR is an absolutely phenomenal album and in my personal opinion, in terms of songwriting (not necessarily technically) far superior to GOOMY. Therefore, any people who like Paul's style should definitely pick up this DVD

The DVD opens with the cheesiest intro I've ever seen, Paul is walking across mountains with a PGM on his back. There's a cameraman following him as he ducks under some branches etc. Although this looks tacky i was in convulsions, it's bloody hilarious, you can tell this bit was all Pauls idea! Amazing

From here we are introduced to his gear in which you get to see everything Paul uses in his rig. From his new guitars, including the sunburst PGM, PGM301 and his new fireman (which is used for some instructional lessons). We also get to see his pedal board, choice of lead,picks,amp and most importantly some of his pedal settings, including the OCD overdrive (If only i knew what version Paul uses)

Lets get to the important bit, the DVD consists of Paul taking us through every single one of the songs on the album apart from Suite modale which doesn't involve the guitar, so I guess we'll let Paul off for that

The songs are then demonstrated slowly and broke up into different parts
For example

Silence Followed by a deafening roar
Riffs and solos
Chords and tapping

The Rhino

It follows this technique through all of the songs on the album and then Paul goes on to teach some general guitar lessons

Fast Picking

Followed by Shred annex

This involves Paul playing a shred lick in every key slowing it down with advice and then demonstrated at full speed again. You get a lick in the key of A# B# C# as well as in ABC which is rather nice

Finally we get to see a live performance of Paul in Japan playing some racer X songs, in which he drips off about a gallon of sweat but boy o boy, he rocks out

The best part of the DVD for me was how Paul's sense of humor comes across brilliantly and how genuine the DVD really is. You really get the impression he really cares about if the DVD is going to make you improve as a guitarist and I know he does care as that's Paul's general attitude to fellow guitarists.

I would definitely recommend buying the DVD but holding out until the error is addressed, If only i had the Tabs for this I'd be telling you to go buy this DVD now, unfortunately I've just sent mine back as the disk got really damaged on its way here, damn CD holder broke! I will be buying again when the tabs are up

All in all a great DVD 9/10

-1 for the floating marshall stack Paul!
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But to the point, this DVD looks very interesting. Very nice review too by the way, I've been looking for a new lesson of some sort to help me advance my own style. Thanks for the info! I'll definately look into it.
wow it came out already?

awesome, i might buy this one.
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